2016 ABC AWC


  "It was the best of times."

The 2016 ABC/AWC Liaison Report is here. 



We made history!



Thank you to all who particpated in the 2016 ABC



Board of Trustees,





 Missed the AWC?

No worries. You can purchase the audio MP3s of the AWC speakers and workshop leaders by clicking here. 


You can also get the special edition ABC/AWC ComLine here!.



 Timeline for ABC Proposals

The timeline for submitting proposals to the ABC was changed in 2016.  Read more about the new timeline here. 





The 2016

Annual Business  Conference  


 Ballot Voting Results  and Fellowship's Comments are here.

Delegate's packet is here. 

Tentative Agenda is here.  

Instructions to listen  live are  here



 The 2016 

ACA World Convention  


 Tentative Schedule is here .

  Program is here.



Map of the 2016 ABC AWC Conference Center Grounds is here.  

Local transportation, hotel information and points of interest are  here.  THE REGISTRATION PORTION OF THIS FORM IS NO LONGER VALID.




H e a d l i n e s  



2016 ABC AWC Hosts Selected 



2016 ABC AWC Hosts Selected


The My Life is Changing ACA group of Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida State Intergroup have been selected to host the Annual Business Conference (ABC) and the inaugural ACA World Convention (AWC) April 22-24, 2016 in Delray Beach, Florida .   This special event will be one for the history books.  



If you have questions, please call the WSO telephone line at (310) 534-1815.  We will return you call as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for your patience.  



Listen to the ABC live instructions here

You can dial in or use your internet connected device to hear the ABC.

Access number for the Teleconference: 712-432-0075, Pin 427266#. Press *6 to mute or un-mute.

 To listen using your computer, use these instructions:

Here is a procedure enables you to connect to the WSO Teleconferences through their computers using the Flash Phone option in www.freeconferencing.com.

You will need to have a microphone and speaker attached to your computer (a headset is ideal), and the Flash Player must be installed on your computer if you have an older computer or browser.

1. Go to: www.freeconferencing.com

2. Click the VoIP Dialer icon (may be in left lower corner--this opens an instruction window)

3. In the opened instruction window, select the "Click here in Step 1."

4. (The VoIP Dialer window should now be open)--Use the drop down menu in the window and select the Teleconference # (712-432-0075.)

5. Enter the access code (427266) and your name (First name and last initial) in the blocks

6. Click on "Place Call"
--if you get a Dialer or Flash Player Setting message, click "Allow" to allow the Dialer to access your microphone. If you have multiple microphones on your computer, you may be asked to select the appropriate microphone. You could also use this test window to verify your microphone is working properly.

7. Click OK to exit the test screen.

The Flash Phone will then call the Teleconference. Announce yourself when you arrive.

The Flash Phone includes a microphone icon where you can mute and/or monitor your microphone levels. Please keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking.

To avoid feedback interference with the Teleconference, please ensure that your computer speakers are not too close to the microphone.



 Timeline for ABC Proposals

The timeline for submitting proposals to the ABC has been changed.  Read more about the new timeline here.