Little Big Red Book (LBRB) Development Call

Next LBRB Call
Saturday, January 6

10:00 am Pacific Time
12:00 noon Central Time
1:00 pm Eastern Time

Hello Literature Development Subcommittee Volunteers!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and thank you again for being part of the Little Big Red Book project.

Our next call is Saturday, January 6, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. Please see below for information you will need to participate in this meeting.

Please be aware that prior to this meeting, our general quarterly Literature Committee call will start at 11:30 a.m. This quarterly call is open to the public, and covers ACA WSO's various Literature Committee activities, including translations and the ComLine newsletter. 

Please be aware that to participate in any Literature Committee development project, we must have receive your completed, signed Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA). A nondisclosure agreement can be downloaded from 

Meeting access information: 

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    Online Meeting ID: acalitreview
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    Dial-in Number: (515) 604-9640
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January 6  Agenda

  1.  Serenity Prayer
  2. Roll Call
  3. Updates on procedure and communications; verify that everyone is on Slack; status on NDAs, technical demonstrations as needed. Invitation for a group note taker. 
  4. Overview of LBRB discussion, development and review schedule (Charlie). Right now, we're taking a group inventory of which points we as a group consider central for the LBRB project. Charlie is walking through a draft outline to identify kdy points, but two other suggestions have also bubbled up from the group, and everyone else has been invited to volunteer ideas. As the "key ideas" discussion solidifies, and we begin drafting a project outline, we'll also look for volunteers to draft sections they feel best equipped to write. 
  5. Key ideas discussions: 
    a) Charlie will continue walking through a draft outline for about 45 minutes. Goal is to elicit group feedback and discussion on which points should be emphasized in a final manuscript. The outline is a starting point for something that will continue to evolve.
    b) Barb P. and Mike S. will lead a discussion on a "through-line" for possible inclusion in the LBRB project. 
    c) A second suggestion, by Bonnie K-M to consider elements from a Narcotics Anonymous intro text, will be scheduled for discussion during the upcoming February call. 
  6. Other new business from the group, and confirm date and time of the February call (currently set for Saturday, February 3, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. 

Summaries of Past Meetings

December 2 Summary

1) Updates on procedure and communications; verify that everyone is on Slack; status onNDAs, tech demonstrations as needed. 

2) In-depth discussion of manuscript outline. Charlie walked through his draft outline that was presented to the board, and poll the group on which features psople agree or disagree with. That process is continuing, but at least two ideas have been raised for group discussion: a "through-line" document referencing the work of Marty S., put forth by Mike S. and Barbara P., and a smaller intro book by Narcotics Anonymous, introduced by Bonnie K-M. 

Important note: the purpose of the draft outline is to give some shape to the initial discussion, by giving the group one shared document to work off of. It is not intended to be a final destination. All ideas will be welcome, and ideas favored by the group will be grafted into an evolving outline. 

3) Decided our next monthly call date would be Saturday, January 6, and that would be the first Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm Eastern Time.

October 28 Sumary

Tamara introduced the group, and discussed procedural and communications matters, which we will continue to review going forward. She also checked status of NDA agreements, which are required for those who wish to participate in this development project. 

Charlie led a discussion of the project's parameters, to ascertain whether the group agreed on the core goals of the LBRB project. An updated "Paramaters" document includes group comments in edit-trace.

It was decided at the end of the call that the December 2 call would begin to review possible manuscript outlines, using a draft outline written by Charlie as a point of departure, but drawing on opinions of all group members. 

Yours in Service,  

Tamara P. 
Chair, Literature Development Subcommittee

Barb N. (New Haven, CT)
ACA WSO Literature Development Volunteer Coordinator

Robin R.