Treasurer and Finance Committee Report - January 2018

Treasurer's Report

Dear Fellow ACA Members,

Due to the last minute receipt of the monthly financials last night from the external accountant more detail in the Treasurers report will be posted after the teleconference.

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Here is the December 2017 Profit & Loss Statement
We had a net loss for the month of $6,953. This is due primarily to there being three pay periods in December for our Special Workers instead of the normal two pay periods. Book sales were slightly off in December, but this is not that unusual with the holidays. So we had less income from literature sales to offset some of the additional expenses.

The December Balance Sheet shows an increase in assets from $652,480 to $691,917. 

Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee continues to work on the Quickbooks integration with the shopping cart and other sales channels now that the migration to the cloud based Quickbooks Enterprise software was completed. The inventory is being set up in Quickbooks by warehouse as well and we are working on having that data automatically port into Quickbooks from the shopping cart.

The other big task the Finance Committee was focused on in December was completing the annual budget. We reached out to all of the committees, sub-committes and the office and requested budgets from them. We have received budgets from all as requested and compiled them into one master budget.

We presented a draft budget to the board at the December working session. It was our goal to have this completed before the end of the year and it has been done.